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Alternatives to Wasting

Rotten Bananas  

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31. Make a sports team, like The Birmingham Bananas, The Rhode Island Rottens, or The 'Bama (short for Alabama) Bananas!  -  Kevin D

30. Pop it into the microwave and watch it explode.
29. Stick it into an old sock (that you're feeling guilty about throwing
away). That'll give you even more excuses to throw banana and sock away
after you've waited for the banana to rot some more.
28. Use it to catch fruitflies for your science experiment.
27. Use it as a breeding ground for mold for your show and tell.
26. Use it to smack someone on the head.
-Debra Tan

25. Send the rotten banana into orbit
around earth.-
Jerker Maantelius

24. Play connect-the-dots on the rotten banana peel- Jay Lawler

23. Freeze your rotten bananas for one hour. Take them out and cut the end off of them, and suck the banana out. This would be called a banana
ice! -

22. Put it in a radio studio and claim to be a rock station
in Flint, Michigan.-

21. Become a trend setter and wear them as hats- Edward Chaplin

20. Play spin the banana- Kevin D.

19. Carve them into different shapes.- Kevin D.

18. Put them in your enemies gas tank and
see how long it takes to smell bad.

17. Put on floor to see if any one will trip over it
(anyone can just use the peel)

16. Draw a smile face on it to make a friend. -Wizglick

15. Freeze them, blend them, mix them, drink them. -Debra Perry

14. Make banana bread and
then sell it at a bake sale!! -

13. Peel them and bake them for about 1 hour @ 350 F. Spread some butter over them and enjoy! - Roberto Bermudez

12. make banana bread -

11.Put them in your cereal

10. Juggle with them.

9. Launch them at your enemies.

8. Start a compost pile and dump them there.

7. Feed them to the dog .

6. Use it as a primitive toilet paper.

5. Throw them with a friend when your football gets a hole in it.

4. Stick fire cracker into the banana, and watch the banana go BOOM!

3. Stick it in your pocket and rob a bank.

2. Smash them onto a canvas and sell it to an art gallery.

And the number one thing to do with a rotten banana besides throw it away is...... DRUM ROLE PLEASE

1. Force feed them to an un-liked relative

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