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How much do you really hate rotten bananas?

Take this quiz to find out. Grab a pen and paper and jot down your answers. When you have finished the quiz go to the results page and add up your score.

1. When you are approched by a banana sales man who is only selling bananas with bruises all over them do you

(a) Buy the banana that is least bruised.

(b) Ignore him.

(c) Tell him you are not interested.

(d) Hit the basket he is carrying the bananas in so they fly upward into the sky, then punch him several times and politely tell him to leave imediately.

2. If it is Christmas time and someone close to you gives you a bunch of rotten bananas as a gift do you

(a) Say thank you and eat them in front of the them to show how much you like them

(b) Tell the person you will eat the bananas later, but thanks anyway.

(c) Do not except the gift and tell the person it is because you are allergic to bananas.

(d) Throw the bananas down and stomp on them while yelling obsenities, then when you are calmed down ask for the gift you gave the person back.

3. If you are at work and it is your lunch break and you open your packed lunch packed by a wife and you find a rotten banana do you

(a) Aeat it because you are very hungry.

(b) Take it out of your lunch and throw it away.

(c) Leave it in you lunch paper bag and at the end of lunch throw the whole bag away so no one see you with a rotten banana.

(d) Run to you boss and tell him you are taking the rest of the day off, then drive home 30 mph over the speed limit. When you get home beat your wife sensless with the banana then file for a divorce.

4. If after eating a rare dish served to you while you are visiting a foriegn country you are told it was made from rotten bananas do you

(a) Scream and thrash about the on top of the table.

(b) Make yourself throw it up.

(c) Grab all kinds of food and shove them in your mouth in a sad attemp to cleanse your mouth .

(d) All of the above.

5. If you go to the grocery store to buy bananas for an occasion that is in a week do you

(a) Buy bananas that are brown and bruised because it won't matter since they will be that way in a week anyway.

(b) Buy a regular yellow banana .

(c) Buy an extremly unripe green banana hoping it will be just right in a week.

(d) Go home and go back to the grocery store in a week.

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