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Those Who  HATE
Rotten Bananas
You are Rotten Banana hater number   to visit this page since August 13, 1997.

This page is under construction!

 This page is designed specifically for those who will never ever eat a banana that is over ripe and has disgusting brown and black spots all over.

This I assume since you are hereyou don't like it when your bananas become overly ripe anddisgustingly mushy. If you don't eat them within a couple ofdays, they go straight to the trash. Even though I hate rottenbananas with a vengeance, I also hate to see any food go towaste. It seemed to me a shame to just throw them into the trash. There has to be a use for these items other than eating them. I thought very hard for a long time and came up with some possible solutions.

So here is a list of ideas I have come up with to solve my own problem and maybe yours too.

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